Curbside Pickup Like No One Else!

Here at Carolina Grill we specialize in “Service”, especially our “Curbside Service”. Working late, no time to cook for the family, sound familiar? Tonight, Let us do the cooking!.

Our Curbside service is as easy as “3-4-5-6”! Here’s what you do…

3Print out our Curbside Menu (PDF). Keep it close to your phone at all times.

4 – Call our friendly staff at: 634-3456 (3-4-5-6 – say it again, 3-4-5-6, we’re so clever!). Our wait staff will get your car’s model & color to identify you.

5 – Drive to Carolina Grill (map), pull around to our special Curbside Parking. Wait in your car, our staff comes to you!

6 – Enjoy our food at your location, whether it’s in your office, your home, or on your trip to the beach.

Say it one more time: